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Ghee ali prečiščeno maslo

Ghee or refined butter

  • Objavljeno: 17.10.2022

Ghee is a type of boiled butter that is mainly used in Indian cuisine. Its beneficial effects have already been known to our grandmothers, who used it for intestinal problems. Purified butter does not contain lactose, so it is also suitable for people with lactose intolerance. You can buy it in specialty stores for Asian and healthy food, but you can also make it yourself.

Put 450 g of unsalted raw butter in a pan and melt it at low temperature. When the butter has melted, raise the temperature slightly. Remove the foam that forms on the surface of the butter with a wooden spoon. Cook the butter until clean fat floats to the surface and the solid particles sink to the bottom.

Immediately remove the pan from the stove and pour the purified fat with a ladle into a clean glass jar with a screw cap or strain it through a very fine strainer. Discard the sediment from the bottom. Refined butter has a longer shelf life than raw and can be stored in the refrigerator for several months, and in the freezer for up to a year.

You can flavor the butter with various spices (ginger, paprika powder, cumin…) that you add to the butter at the beginning of cooking. It is especially useful for quick roasting at high temperatures, but otherwise it is used in the same way as raw butter - for baking cakes or as a spread.

Okusi regij

Various flavors of different regions

  • Objavljeno: 04.10.2022

In northern India, they use more meat: from chicken (such as tandoori) to lamb and meat kebabs. They also enjoy more dairy products there. In the south we will find more vegetables, lentils and rice and fish, crabs and seafood. Most dishes are prepared on coconut fat, served with curry and seasoned with delicious tamarind. * Regionally, Indian cuisine can be divided into eastern and western. In the East, there are many "pasta" or sauces that are poured over rice, pasta and vegetables. In addition to curry sauce, there is also chili sauce, coconut sauce, cumin and various types of mustard. * In the west of India they eat more vegetables, the dishes are typically sweeter. In addition to rice and fish, there will be no shortage of coconut on the plate. In addition to chili and curry, they also use cumin and cardamom, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and ginger.

Osho o Indiji

Osho about India

  • Objavljeno: 27.09.2022

India is not just geography or history. It is not just a nation, a country or a piece of land. It is something more: it is a metaphor, poetry, something invisible and yet tangible. An energy field with a special vibration that no other country in the world has. Thousands of people have searched and reached the final enlightenment on its soil for almost ten thousand years. Their vibration is still alive, their influence is felt in the air, you just need the ability to perceive the invisible that surrounds this land. If you visit it with some meditative mind, you will come in contact with the invisible. 

Pisana in slastna indijska kulinarika

Colorful and delicious Indian cuisine

  • Objavljeno: 16.09.2022

Indian cuisine is not only based on the well-known curry and chicken, but we find much more in it: from meatless to meat specialties. As it contains a lot of vegetables, it is considered a balanced and healthy diet, and it is definitely given a variety of aromas that can be truly exotic for the European eye and nose. You will surely find a rich cultural tradition in Indian cuisine, and everyone will also find a taste that suits them and different levels of spiciness. * Indian cuisine is characterized by the fact that one plate contains dishes from various food categories, from protein to carbohydrates and fiber. A typical example is thali, which is usually served on a round tray and contains a dhal lentil topping in addition to rice; vegetables, bread or toasted crackers and yogurt, and various sauces or chutney are added to this. As is the vele tradition, you should eat this food with your fingers, and of course you will be served western utensils in Indian restaurants.

Želve so se po 20 letih vrnile na čisto plažo v Indiji.

The turtles have returned to a clean beach in India after 20 years

  • Objavljeno: 05.09.2022

The beautiful beach in Mumbai was covered in garbage. Before that, it was the birthplace of sea green turtles. Because of the garbage, they had to move to other regions. A man named Afroz Shah came to this beach one day and started cleaning it, he was soon joined by volunteers. In total, more than 5,000 pieces of garbage were collected, and the UN described the project as "the largest beach cleaning project". This spring, the turtles returned to the beach.


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